Preventative Dentistry in Reseda

Here at Kids Dental Crew, we prioritize preventative dentistry. We focus on trying to prevent a child from needing extensive dental treatment caused by cavities through the following ways:

  • providing parents and caregivers with the necessary education, tools, and support to help with a child’s daily oral home care.
  • nutritional counseling
  • routine pediatric dental visits
  • x-rays (to catch any early cavities)
  • in office cleaning
  • optional fluoride treatments
  • optional dental sealants (a non-invasive dental procedure where we bond a thin white colored material over a tooth’s enamel grooves to form a shield against decay)

Maintaining the health of primary (baby) teeth is important to allow a child to continue eating comfortably and gain the nutrition he/she needs. It’s also important in the development of proper speech habits allowing for clear pronunciation. Baby teeth also guide the development and eruption of permanent (adult) teeth.

Overall, having a healthy mouth can lead to better systemic health and keep children smiling confidently! :)

We look forward to becoming a part of your child’s preventative dental support crew! Call us at 747-200-4877 to schedule your child’s dental appointment!